Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

Eurostat in R in GIT


I have published the source for the free read.eurostat() in R at

Users of STATA can buy my stata version  from here:


Update: I have just found out that the rdatamarket library can also download data from EUROSTAT so you may have a look at it too.


My impression is that rdatamarket is a little slower than my implementation – but rdatamarket gives access to UN, Eurostat, Worldbank, FAO, and other providers – via a single Interface. I guess I will use my library for EUROSTAT and rdatamarket for the other sources.

There is also a library WDI  to access Worldbank data directly from R.


  1. This is a really helpful script. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, it is a really helpful function! However, inspect the data carefully when you use it, I have noticed that when downloading population figures, the last digit of the population value is sometimes transferred to the flag field.

    1. Your are welcome. I have not worked on the code for a while; if you find the bug, please send me a fix and I will post it.