Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

Will Small Retailers Survive? - A Demand Analysis using Multiple Stages


I have just updated the draft of my second thesis. Feedback is welcome.

Abstract. Will price competition with efficient big retailers drive out small apparel retailers? To find out I estimate price elasticities of in-store demand for 91 stores of 22 independent small fashion retailers in Austria. Demand is less price elastic than I expect from the level at which prices are set. For the majority of stores an increase in price seems to be profitible. I also estimate demand for 19 apparel categories. A price increase in any category has negative cross effects on almost all categories. The optimal category price is constraint by its effect on other categories.

Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2013

Scatterplot with histograms in R

What I want

What I type in R

What I get (and source)

I often want to visualizing 2 dimensional results.




Scatter plots are nice, but it is nicer with histograms





R has serveral implementation sof that scatterplot /histogram combination



coa1 <- dudi.coa(rpjdl$fau, scannf = FALSE, nf = 4)


s.hist(coa1$li, cgrid = 2, cbr = 3, adj = 0.5, clab = 0)

s.hist(coa1$co, cgrid = 2, cbr = 3, adj = 0.5, clab = 0)


Or this implementation

graph copied from


I have not yet made up my mind which to use…